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Event Review: MK Brings Energetic Set To Brooklyn's Schimanski

MK, or Detroit's Marc Kinchen, played an energetic and upbeat show to an insanely packed house at Schimanski last Friday, February 21st. Its crowd was the largest we've ever seen at the popular Brooklyn venue. Aside from what felt like overcrowding, the show itself was highly enjoyable.

After missing MK, or Detroit's Marc Kinchen, perform in NYC multiple times, it was finally time to catch one of his coveted sets. He played at Brooklyn's Schimanski, and while we think it was very packed and maybe overcrowded, people still managed to have a great time judging by the looks on their faces. His set started promptly at 1:30 AM and the transition from the opener was smooth. While the opener had a solid set, the crowd's energy was definitely a stark contrast from just moments before.

He played his immensely popular tracks like "One Night," "Back & Forth", "There For You," and the song most people had been waiting for to hear live, "17." While there were what felt like long periods of standard house music, whenever tracks with vocals came on, the crowd went wild and they loved it. Overheard in the crowd were talks about how old MK looked, which was amusing, to say the least.

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You could tell MK was having a fun time playing for his fans and club-goers because of the joy on his face all throughout the night. It was clear he was enjoying himself with his hand signs to his fans, his little dance moves and general vibes.

While we left a bit before his set finished out, the room was still packed to the brim as we were walking out. The general crowd was your typical club crowd with many people enjoying the music with their friends and the occasional rowdiness and pushing that sometimes plagues venues.

Please do your best to catch MK on tour as he tours the country and world as it'll be great for your step counters and your body will thank you for the cardio. Purchase tickets here.

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