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Hanging Valleys Release Lush & Peaceful New EP 'Behind The Backs Of Houses'

Hanging Valleys provide a peaceful start to your Friday.
Hanging Valleys

London-based Hanging Valleys have released their new EP today titled Behind The Backs Of Houses. Having met working in a post-production house in Soho, Thom Byles and Michael Phillips struck up a friendship that first sent them around the UK on dangerous outdoor adventures. After nearly dying a few times, they settled down to make this mellow and subtle project.

This EP is only five tracks and feels like it could be much longer. Byles’ vocals wisp over the top of fuzzy guitars, soft pads and low-lying melodies for a combination of shoegaze, ambient electronics, and indie folk.

The titles often capture the mood of each song. “First Light” has a hopefulness of a day dawning over the horizon, while “Sleeping Sound” has a sleepy and mellow guitar lick that can lull you into a state of deep relaxation.

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The full project is about 25 minutes and allows you to sit back and relax for a small period of your day. Behind The Backs Of Houses is lush, beautiful and sometimes wide enough to be cinematic. The world can be a terrible place (thanks humanity), but this is the sort of peace we all need.

Listen to the project below and get your copy here.

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