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Konx-Om-Pax Revisits Released Music On New EP 'Return to Cascada'

Konx-Om-Pax looks back on older music and refreshes them for 2020.
Konx-om-Pax Return To Cascade

Konx-Om-Pax has released a new EP that revisits some of the tracks from his 2019 album Ways Of Seeing and other projects. The new EP titled Return to Cascada offers a different vision for six of the tracks on the album.

It opens with the sole remix on the EP: Skee Mask adding some more frenetic energy to “Rez.” He then completely retools the lead track from his Refresher EP, “Return To Cascada” with fast-moving synths and a distant echoing vocoded vocal. “Saule Acid” gets some big acid breaks, big echoing drums and chimes as the song evolves into a big dancefloor record.

“I’m For Real” is given an ambient mix, though it is a bit more up-tempo than your typical ambient mix. The drums are largely removed from the track, but there is still a fair amount of energy behind the synth line that makes this a little different from normal ambient compositions.

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The live version of “Caramel” keeps much of the original track but gives it a little more power, while “Teufelsberg's” haunting and bouncy synths offer a slightly altered feel to the track.

Return To Cascada is out now via Planet Mu and get a copy on Bandcamp.

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