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Magnetic Mix 081: Nervous Freaks

Nervous Freaks drop of a mix for the weekend.
Nervous Freaks

Nervous Freaks

Irish duo Nervous Freaks are next up with a Magnetic Mix on a week where we bring you two. They drop a well-curated mix of bangers to propel your weekend. Get ready for loads of house music over the next hour.

They say that this mix has “bangers from the start with impressive fresh sounds to start 2020. Those damn sexy vibes will make you feel things you've never felt before. This music takes people places, it will be on a constant loop for a while.”

They have a new track "Kalimba" out today on 1980 Recordings, which you can get here. The new song kicks off the mix, so no wasting time finding it..

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1. Nervous Freaks - Kalimba
2. Alan Fraze - Mi Tesoro (Original Mix)
3. Jovial Joint - Spread Love (Original Mix)
4. VicVicVic - I Want It (Original Mix)
5. Paul Kennedy - Sign ( Alex Franchini Remix)
6. Taach - Fast Track feat Tertia May (Alex A Remix)
7. Alex Franchini - Remember Me (Anton Stellz remix)
8. Huff - Basement Bump
9. Dan McKie + Pjune - Freedom Fighter (techMOUSE Remix)
10. TomCole - I Feel Ready (Chay & DeadSpace Remix)
11. Dan McKie - They Call Me Danger (Original Mix)
12. Alex Franchini - Give up ( Original Mix )
13. Sterbai - All Of Us (Original Mix)
14. Dan McKie & Sterbai - The Sinner (Original Mix)
15. Hady Tarek - Follow Through (Original Mix)
16. Space Time & Einstein (Noble North Remix)
17. Ed Lee - Down The Rabbit Hole (Dan McKie Remix)
18. Loves Last Episode - Cat Man Don't (Dan McKie Fish Don’t Dance Remix)
19. Dan McKie - Paty Kerry (Taach Remix)
20. Alex A - Reality  

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