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Mr. Carmack, Promnite Reveal New Project Paradis EP With Two Booming Singles

Descend further into the dystopian future with Mr. Carmack & Promnite's second Project Paradis EP.
Project Paradis Cut 11 Video

Mr. Carmack and Promnite have announced the second EP under their joint-alias Project Paradis. To push the EP, Paradis 2, they have released two thunderous new songs “Stockholm Syndrome'' and “Cut 11.”

The two tracks work just right as a pair. “Stockholm Syndrome” is a booming, weighty track with a heavy kick and a twisted lead as acid chugs softly underneath. “Cut 11” takes some of the offbeat drum patterns and dives right in with some heavy Jersey club, grinding fx and skittering percussion. Stream the two singles here.

Both songs come with their own videos that embody what this project is all about.

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According to a press release, their first EP released in 2017 created a world taken over by robotics. The group has ushered in a “dystopian future where the Earth has become an uninhabitable rock of magma and metal, resource stockpiles, server skyscrapers, waste and free current electricity. Human freedom has come to an end with technological singularity manifesting itself in the form of tyrannical, artificially intelligent, all-robotic corporations, with one such corporation — Project Paradis© — whose purpose is to further the advancement of singularity.” We now dive further into Project Paradis with this new project and the videos.

The full EP will be released on March 27 via Mad Decent. You can see the full tracklist below and pre-order this on vinyl here.

Project Paradis EP Vinyl


1. Stockholm Syndrome
2. Cut 11
3. Cut 22
4. Give In
5. Bull Run
6. Fading

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