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Premiere: Amine Edge & DANCE - Turn It Up Ft. Ozzy Wilde

The Marseille pair channel soul, house and UK garage on this new track.
Amine Edge & Dance

Amine Edge & Dance

Marseille natives Amine Edge & Dance are taking it back with their latest single “Turn It Up” featuring Ozzy Wilde. While a lot of the current revolution around 90’s electronic music has been with acid house and the ravier elements of the era, but that has not caused the bubbling piano house from the 90’s to go away. Amine Edge & Dance dive right in with that “Turn it Up.”

The song is built around a simple, playful piano melody as Ozzy Wilde’s vocals soar above the tune with some chugging and funky garage drums underneath. Ozzy Wilde channels the soul found in many records from that era and brings it to 2020. This isn’t going to rewrite the way you hear electronic music, but it is fun, addictive and well made.

The genesis of this song goes way back to 2015, when were inspired after hearing UK garage on the radio in London and then this idea came about.

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“Back in 2015, we were in London, in a taxi listening to some UK garage on the radio,” explains Dance. “Amine told me that we should try to make a track like this. I went back to my studio, started something and I was really enjoying it. So I sent it to Amine, he told me that he loved it so he finished it properly as we always do.”

“Turn It Up” will be released tomorrow, February 28 via Solotoko. 

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