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Well, what can I say with this next IFS release. Infernal Sounds are back at it with yet another dance floor destroyer. It's gotten to the stage now where I don't even have to hear whats on the latest Infernal plate because I just know its gonna be something special. I wanna take a quick moment just to big up Drew and everyone else that works at Infernal Sounds because their output into the 140 scene is incredibly significant.  

IFS019 Artwork

IFS019 Artwork

Premiere: Darkimh X T-Man - Tell Me Nothin' (IFS019) :

Darkimh has been one of my favorite producers since I heard his collaboration with Taiko a few years ago (which incidentally came out on Infernal Sounds). Since then I've closely followed his musical endeavors. His style is almost experimental at times, approaching production in such a different way to most producers. However he keeps one continuous trait throughout most of his music, which is the feeling of absolute weight when the track fully drops. 

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Partnering with LEVELZ own T-Man on vocals and what your left with is an incredibly clinical track that ticks all the boxes for both grime fans and dubstep heads. It's the perfect track to get any dance floor moving. T-Man isn't a stranger to dubstep, having laid down vocals over an integral dubstep anthem quite a few years ago titled "Bring Me Down" by Thelem. T-Man is the kind of emcee that sounds sick on any genre of music so it was a wise choice choosing him to vocal Darkimh's tune.

"Tell Me Nothin'" is a fast paced, dance floor swinger, made specifically to inject energy into any room its being spun in. Darkimh is known for his epic intro's and this one doesn't disappoint. The anticipation the producer creates is quite special. He draws you into the track effortlessly with quick, urgent little high-hats, teasing you in the intro with subtle hints of the sub bass. With T-Mans vocals slowly creeping in during the intro, the prospect off the drop is tantalizing. When the drop finally hits, you're met with clinical vocals and a wonky sub bass that throws you from side to side. Absolutely sick track from both these artists and the entire release is wicked with 2 other weighty instrumentals featured. The whole thing drops March 13, 2020. You can pre-order the release here. Out to Darkimh, T-Man and of course the ever evolving Infernal Sounds.

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