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Premiere: Favela - Homingbird

Favela steps up with a lengthy, blissful new track.

English singer, songwriter and producer Favela has established himself in the mold of mellow electronic productions with moody and distant vocals. After a year that saw him collaborate with Naomi Scott and Pablo Nouvelle on some of his most upbeat productions yet, he is back to more calming songs with “Homingbird.”

“Homingbird” is about as calming as they come with vocals that fall into the same lane as someone like James Blake. The song is a slow burner as drums ease into the mix underneath his hazy vocals about his love for someone. It is a calming and blissful eight and a half minutes.

An idea this lengthy and fleshed out actually came from a drive, building out the track and even making it longer than originally anticipated.

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"The melody for 'Homingbird' came about when I was driving home once, and by the time I arrived home I had a really clear idea of how the song would pan out. The song is essentially made up of two phrases lyrically, and so as the track developed it reflected the yearning that the words portrayed,” explains Favela.

“I made about 5 minutes worth of the song, but my manager encouraged me to continue with it and let the track breathe and the narrative flow naturally. We both felt that it needed to have the space to grow and intensify and so it became an 8 and a half minute track, which I didn't expect when I started it. With that being said, I feel that once the song was finished, it encompassed everything I wanted to say and express."

Stream the track premiere below before it is released on Thursday February 13. You can pre-order the song here.

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