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Premiere: Grace Unloads Nostalgic RnG Banger "Missed Call" Via New Label Ripples

These articles will focus on specific EP premieres/reviews for certain artists/labels within the 140 scene and beyond. This one features Grace, with his nostalgic wifey banger "Missed Call," forthcoming via a new label, Ripples.


Finally, a forward thinking label that is trying to shed more light on the lesser known flavors & textures within the grime world. "Ripples" is the new label on the block, trying to champion the more soulful aspects of RnG and "Wifey" grime. I am quite excited about this because it's time these artists and producers had a stable outlet for sharing this type of music. 

RIPPLES VOLUME 001 is an an eclectic array of emotive grime. Some of the tracks pay homage to old classics, others are passionate love songs that evolve into skippy 2step anthems. One of my personal picks is the track "Bellyache" by Real Tears, the urgency in that track is sick, and the vocals compliment the production so well. 

This release really does tick all the boxes when it comes to Wifey music. We premiere the track "Missed Call" by Grace which you can listen to below.

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Premiere: Grace - Missed Call (RIPPLES VOLUME 001):

This one by Grace is a respectful nod to the classic R&B track by Craig David "Fill Me In." Grace has completely flipped it into an emotive 140 ting. The intro includes all the flavors from the original but ordered in such a way it almost feel more soulful. He's filtered parts of the track in and out to give the listener some type of breakdown. He has used the OG Craig David vocal and sliced it so well, slipping it onto the track at the right time throughout. Wicked production and you can check out the entire compilation track list below.



Above is the showreel for the release. Have a listen and take it in. The entire project is due out on March 2, 2020. Don't forget to purchase!

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