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Genres are useful classifications. They help provide context, and, as our brains rely heavily on categorization, they help us keep a certain order to our mental musical libraries. But every now and again, you run into a song that simply doesn't fit. Try as it will, the brain simply cant quite wrap it into a pretty little package to file away and forget about. Portable's "This horizon" is a textbook example of one such song. One that digs in and doesn't let go until you've listened to it enough times where it starts to define itself as unlike anything else. 

Not that this can be considered the norm for any artist, but Portable aka Bodycode is certainly an artist that excels at this particular expectation busting. "This horizon" is the first song off his sixth album, titled The Transit of Mercury, which drops March 13th on Khoikhoi Records. I've had an advance listen and quite frankly the album is like an interstellar tight-beam from outer space; wholly foreign and yet undeniably well designed. 

On top of putting the finishing touches on the album, he shot, directed, and edited the music video for "This horizon," the premiere of which we've got for you to enjoy below. Beautiful and unique, the video stretches the boundaries of the medium and messes with your eyes as the song messes with your ears. Feast yourself upon it and, if it dazzles your brain as it did mine, pre-order The Transit of Mercury here!

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