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There are few things I love more than space and ambient music. Robot Koch does both of those things, putting out enticing neo-classical, ambient electronica, while using space as one of his main creative muses. We are happy today to announce his new album The Next Billion Years and reveal the first single from it today titled “Liquid.”

The new single, premiered here, is a beautiful combination of strings, piano and light percussion that all play perfectly off of each other. It isn’t a sleepy, overly long arrangement, building and developing into a beautiful track over four minutes.

The album represents the modern music industry we see today. It was written in LA, recorded with an orchestra in Estonia (conducted by renowned conductor Kristjan Järvi) and mixed in Berlin. According to Koch the LP is an “orchestral/electronic hybrid that expanded my horizon as a composer and producer even further. Working with an orchestra was like painting with a new color palette."

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Thematically, this stays on brand with the future of mankind and space.

“The album is themed around the future of mankind on this planet, inspired by a cassette I found in a 2nd hand store in LA, which contained a previously unknown speech from marine biologist Jacques Yves Cousteau,” explains Koch. “On this tape Cousteau speaks about the next billion years and how our actions today determine the survival of our species. This inspired me to write a whole album based on the idea of the far distant future."

The Next Billion Years will be released on April 24 via Modern Recordings. It will be available in digital, CD and vinyl formats. See the complete tracklist below. "Liquid" will be released this Friday, February 14.


1. Manipura
2. Liquid
3. All Forms Are Unstable
4. Stars As Eyes
5. Nebula
6. Dragonfly
7. Hawk
8. Glow
9. Post String Theory
10. Cousteau
11. Particle Dance
12. Kassel

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