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Premiere: Stumbleine - Malibu Featuring Elizabeth Heaton (Hole Cover)

A yearning and calming take from Stumbleine.

Bristol ambient / experimental producer Stumbleine has released a cover of Hole's track “Malibu” with Elizabeth Heaton on vocals. It is a sincere, gentle and haunting cover of the track as guitars echo in the background and Heaton’s voice tugs at your heartstrings.

The track will be a part of Stumbleine’s seventh album Sink Into The Ether due out April 3 via Monotreme Records.

“Hole's 'Malibu' is the perfect balance of bittersweetness, a golden soundscape of serene melancholy. Tracks which illustrate that symmetry between light and dark are timeless to me, they mirror life with piercing clarity,” says Stumbleine.

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Sink Into The Ether can be pre-ordered in physical or digital formats here. See the full tracklist below.

Sink Into The Ether Tracklist:

1. Sonder
2. Aloof
3. Malibu (ft Elizabeth Heaton)
4. My Head Hurts
5. Lost To The World
6. Tidepool
7. Words Fail Me
8. Supermodels
9. White Noise Therapy
10. Your Angel Was A Fake
11. Disintegrate Together

Stumbleine Sink Into The Ether

Cover Art

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