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RZA Releases Meditation Album 'Guided Explorations'

RZA wants you to find a comfortable position and clear your thoughts.
Wu Tang Clan / RZA @ Ryman Auditorium


Meditation music and songs has become a hot field for many artists. Though it boomed in the mid-2010s as people looked for a way to disconnect, the field still has a lot of artists and companies looking to calm the minds of an overworked and overstressed populace. RZA is now getting into the field with a new project Guided Explorations where he leads you in a 30-minute meditation.

RZA starts by introducing himself and then asking you to find a quiet place and get into a comfortable position. Go through the breathing exercises with him as he gets you to clear your mind and create order in your life and thinking. We speaks to you over light and ambient beats.

If you need some downtime to unwind, do it with RZA today. 

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