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Spotify Adds Songwriter Pages, Playlists To Service

You can now access a limited number of pages for songwriters on Spotify.
Spotify Songwriter Pages

Spotify has unveiled a huge new feature that will help songwriters on the platform. No, it isn’t a bump in pay, as they want, but rather more exposure on the platform. They have added songwriter pages for a select number of songwriters.

Spotify launched song credits in 2018, which was a boon for those who write and produce songs, but still rely on distributors, publishers and artists to keep that information up to date. It has gotten better over the past year or so though.

“The launch of publicly visible songwriter credits on Spotify in 2018 was merely a first step. Together with the publishing industry, we’ve continued to evolve our data sharing and analytics efforts, and are proud to unveil this next iteration,” explains Jules Parker, Head of Publishing & Songwriter Relations, Spotify. 

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“Clicking on the credits in this pilot will take users to dedicated songwriter pages - providing a home for a songwriter’s work - and present listeners with ‘Written By’ playlists, a new series of playlists dedicated to songwriters."

To see a songwriter “written by” page you follow these steps:

1. Right-click on a track (or, if you’re on mobile, tap the “...” next to the track)
2. Hit “Song Credits”
3. Select a clickable songwriter’s name
4. Every songwriter page includes a “Written By” playlist spanning that writer’s work. On their page, click or tap “Listen on Spotify” to check them out.

This is in Beta now and not available for most songwriters, so that will take some time for them to be populated. Diplo, Sia and Labrinth don’t have pages yet, so there is still a lot of work to be done.

Next up should be labels, engineers and producers. 

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