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Spotlight: Types of Vaporizers on the Market and Where to Buy Them

Find the right vapes for your needs.
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Vape Pens

What Is a Vaporizer?

A vaporizer, also sometimes referred to as a “vape,” is an innovative electronic device capable of transforming various substrates/materials into vapor for inhalation. Unlike traditional combustible methods of consuming herb, vaporizers heat your dry herbs or e-liquid to a temperature at which it does not “combust” or burn, but rather transforms into or emits a vapor full of the active ingredients you’re interested in consuming.

As it relates to legalized cannabis, this means THC, CBD, terpenes and a whole host of other cannabinoids. In the case of e-liquids, this means a thick, potent and impressive “cloud” of vapor.

Vaporizers are available in a broad range of styles, each carefully crafted to be used with various materials and provide a particular type of experience. This guide will help you explore vaporizer options on the market today.

Types of Materials Vaporizers Can Be Used With:

The two primary types of vaporizers work with either dry or wet materials.

Dry Ingredients: These include waxes, concentrates (not oil), dry herb, and cannabis or hemp leaves, flowers and bud.

Wet Ingredients: As the name implies, these ingredients are “wet.” They include vape juice, e-liquid, oils, and other liquid concentrates.

Ways Vaporizers Heat up Your Materials

Depending on the type of vaporizer, your materials are heated up using either a quartz or ceramic heating chamber (as with a dry herb vaporizer) by way of conduction or convection. Or, as with a wet vaporizer, by way of an atomizer and heating coil.

Types/Styles of Vaporizers

Box Mods or Vape Mods

Although available in a range of shapes and styles, the name suggests, these vapes generally have a “box” shape. They are most commonly used to vape e-juices or vape juice, and are comprised of a heating coil, atomizer, battery and chamber for the e-juice or cartridge.

Box mods are often feature-packed and highly customizable with interchangeable parts, varying temperature settings and more. This adds a level of complexity, making them generally better suited for experienced vapers. However, these features also allow for incredibly customized vaping experiences.

Popular Models Include:

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Vape Pens

A vape pen is a sleek, stylish and highly portable vaporizer. As the name suggests, these devices resemble a writing pen. The compact design makes them great for use when on the go and for those looking for a certain degree of discretion. These pens consist of a cartridge and battery and are fairly simple in terms of construction. They are available in a wide range of styles including cylindrical and rectangular, large and small, and button or buttonless - check it out.

Popular Models Include:


Also known as “e-cigs” are the simplest of vaporizers. They are small, and resemble a traditional cigarette in shape and size. They come in both reusable and disposable models and are good for limited use, generally for up to 500 pulls.

Desktop Vaporizer

Also known as a tabletop vaporizer, is a device that is meant to be stationary. These vaporizers are large and usually need to be plugged into a power outlet. Click here to see some.

There are two common types:

  • Whip Style Vapes: These look similar to a traditional hookah and are simpler in design. They consist of a chamber, heating element, whip, want, and mouthpiece.
  • Forced Air Vapes: Also known as a “balloon vape” this device forces hot air throughout the chamber, collecting vapor in the balloon bag where the vapor can be routed to the connected whips and mouthpieces.

Popular Desktop Vaporizers Include:

Where to Buy Vaporizers

With the popularity of vaping on the rise, manufacturers have stepped up to meet demand, offering a wide range of options from simple disposable devices, to hi-tech versions controlled by apps.

However, you don’t want to buy your vape from just anywhere. Shoddy knockoffs and dangerously unstable batteries can cause damage, fires, and serious injuries for those unaware. Stores like Hemper thoroughly test and vet the products that go on their electronic store shelves, guaranteeing quality, performance, and safety.

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