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Welcome to the bonus edition of the Disco/Funk chart! We all have a lot more time to spend indoors these days, and artists like LEFTI, Demi Riquísimo, Rayko, and the thrilling return of Breakbot, are amongst the brilliant artists representing the best Disco and Funk for March. It is imperative to remind you to keep buying music, merchandise, streams, and support fundraisers for these independent artists. With tours and DJ dates canceled worldwide, it is up to us to keep our community strong. Make sure to visit Bandcamp, streaming services, the artists' social media pages, and their websites to see what you can do to help. Together, we will get through this time of crisis. Normally we do only 15 tracks, but this month we had to provide 20.

Now, as Kevin Bacon would say, LET'S DANCE!!!

1. DaFunkah - Celebrar

Coming at us like a warm breeze from Mexico City, Donovan Martinez Jimenez aka DaFunkah brings us his first release of the year "Celebrar" on the Disko Knights label. This track opens with a gentle but funky bassline, then builds with congas and ultimately a nice jazz flute. The gorgeous female vocal rounds out the mix. I can't wait to hear what's up next from this young producer!

2. BRWN LUXXRY - Teddy

Jeremiah Red and Friend Of Sarah Connor are back with another floor scorcher, this time with "Teddy," reminding just how funky Teddy Pendergrass was. The BRWN LUXXRY project is proving just how much these two producers love the artists that got funk and disco started in the first place. 

3. Bob Sinclar - Feel For You (Mercer Remix)

It's time to raise the roof with the heat coming off of this track! The Mercer remix of the classic Bob Sinclar "Feel For You" is a perfect example of a producer being able to marry their influences into a track you know and love while making it uniquely their own. Equal parts disco, house, and even a little bit of acid make this track a floor filler for your next party!

4. HP Vince & Dave Leatherman - The Nu Funk

The collaboration between HP Vince and Dave Leatherman that resulted in "The New Funk" could have easily been recorded in the late '70s and added to the background of a Charlie's Angels episode. Sweeping strings and sexy brass are the defining sounds that will glide you onto the dancefloor. This is classic disco at it's finest!

5. Demi Riquísimo – Wuya A Samu

If you aren't sweating from dancing yet, "Waya A Samu" by Demi Riquísimo will get you there! Demi loves adding little elements of acid and house to his mixes, even if the end result is pure disco. The title translates to hard to find, but what isn't hard to find with a Demi song is all the dance grooves you will ever need!

6. Monsieur Van Pratt - U.F.O.

Another fantastic producer out of Mexico is Monsieur Van Pratt. "U.F.O." is a cosmic trip you will be all too happy to climb aboard. Sexy, but not in your face in its approach, this track is perfect for the virtual day at the beach you can take in your mind. 

7. I'm Talking - Holy Word (Dr Packer Remix)

Dr Packer is back with his take on the 1986 song from I'm Talking called "Holy Word." The original track was pure '80s in its sound, but Dr Packer has managed to add sleek disco gloss and revitalize an all but forgotten track. Don't forget this one at your next virtual party!

8. Rayko - Touch Down (Rayko Re-Edit)

Congas, congas, and more congas are the constant rhythm to Rayko's "Touch Down." The fast-paced bass lines and plucky guitars are met with very disco-tinged vocals to equal a true disco ball worthy jam. 

9. Alexny - Forget About Time

With global fear running amok, this is the perfect time for a song called "Forget About Time." Alexny is giving us a perfect respite from thinking about the bad in the world and lets us escape back into a more consequence-free time. I know I am ready for that about you?

10. Birdee & Andre Espeut - Can't Get Enough

"Can't Get Enough" is exactly how I feel about this song! Birdee was smart to enlist the talents of Andre Espeut, one of the most in-demand singers working in the disco genre. The result is a modern yet classic disco gem that simply emanates joy! You won't be able to get enough of this song either!

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11. Michael The Lion & Amy Douglas - Find A Way (John Morales M+M Main Mix)

We have another dream team in Michael The Lion and Amy Douglas. The John Morales mix of "Find A Way" adds a disco sweetness to the original by warming up the tone and adding a funky bassline. This remix is a welcome way to bring "Find A Way" back to our ears, after having already been a hit last November. It's a beautiful reminder that we will all find a way past our current crisis and any challenges to come.

12. Mind Enterprises - Mont Blanc (Purple Disco Machine Extended Remix) 

Purple Disco Machine knows how to take a song that is already great and take it to the next level, which is exactly what he did with Mind Enterprise's electro "Mont Blanc". Disco is his middle name after all, and that disco shine is what Tino Piontek does with ease.

13. Breakbot - Be Mine Tonight feat. Delafleur

It's been a minute since we've been graced with a new Breakbot song, but "Be Mine Tonight" was certainly worth the wait! Delafleur adds a delicate grace with their sweet vocals. This song is summer in 2:50 and I can't wait to hear the rest of what is in store for us this year from Breakbot! Check it out on Ed Banger Records now!

14. Chevals - Be Yourself

"Be Yourself" isn't a complicated song, but a positive life affirmation doesn't have to be! Chevals is bringing a beautiful message via a very danceable track that I think we can all relate to. Disco and funk are the perfect platforms for self-acceptance and joy. 

15. Lonely Boy - Whatever, Whenever

Label Music Is 4 Lovers brings us the super funky "Whatever, Whenever" by Lonely Boy. This is what I like to call lip-biting funk, the kind that creates the white man overbite. While we all are living our lives in quarantine, this is a great track to just shut out the lights and spin around your living room. 

16. Classixx - One More Song feat. Roosevelt

If you asked me what two artists would I would like to hear team up, this collaboration would certainly be on my bucket list! Classixx and Roosevelt really can do no wrong and "One More Song" is a pure endorphin booster. Its sweet '80s feel is just the shot in the arm we all can use right now! 

17. Scruscru - Phonkie Sumo

Off to Russia we go to meet Scruscru and his funky, jazzy track "Phonkie Sumo." You will find this on the Fuji Editz EP on SlothBoogie Records. The approach to this song is a little woozy, a little dreamy, and ultimately very sexy. Let this one soak in with a glass of champagne and a warm tub. Go on, you know you want to!

18. Sweetooth - Feel A Little Love

Paul Withey and Sarah Lazenby are back with their Sweetooth project and the excellent Wild Blood & Weird Powers EP. Choosing which track to include on the chart was tough, but "Feel A Little Love" just has that '80s disco vibe that works. Make sure to grab this EP on Supa Earth now!

19. Róisín Murphy - Murphy's Law

Róisín Murphy is back and sounding more like a disco queen than ever! "Murphy's Law" is a sultry nod to classics like Donna Summer's "Bad Girls," albeit a slowed-down version of it. Ms. Murphy has managed to show us how much vocal range she really has and that she isn't willing to just rest on her laurels. Róisín is like a fine wine who continues to get better with age!

20. LUXXURY - ...At Any Moment

Blake Robin is on a creative roll, and "...At Any Moment" is the latest funky stroll through the disco landscape. Coming from the upcoming EP Moody (Disco) Music, this track repeats that we need to live our best lives now because things can change at any moment, which we are all too familiar with. The song closes with "Everything's Going To Be Alright", a sentiment we can all use in the chaos of today. 

Check out the SoundCloud playlist below!

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