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Album Review: Big Gigantic - 'Free Your Mind'

'Free Your Mind' draws a myriad of influences to produce a passionate and emotionally laden modern sonic masterpiece.
Photography by Daniel Bejarano

Since first making their debut more than a decade ago, Big Gigantic has developed a reputation for their eclectic blend of high energy electronic dance music. The duo is composed of saxophone player, Dominic Lalli, and drummer, Jeremy Salken. Performing at major festivals across the globe, Big Gigantic are now known as electronic music pioneers, renowned for their soulful and jazz influenced electronic sound and dynamic live sets. 

The duo recently released their first album since 2016's Brighter Future, a thirteen track LP titled Free Your Mind. Their sixth overall studio album, Free Your Mind explores important and emotional themes such as friendship, self-love, intimacy and gratitude for the present moment. Seamlessly blending together a myriad of genres including bass, funk, house, jazz, trap, and soul, Dominic's live saxophone shines brightly, stealing the show at crucial moments. Expansive vocals and collaborations are also a focal point of Free Your Mind


Starting off with the chilled out "Daybreak," Big Gigantic then moves straight into the high octane and funk inspired "Let The Speakers Blow." Jennifer Hartswick's smooth and powerful vocals on "Free Your Mind" and Nevve's vocals on "You're The One" provide highly memorable and pleasurable listening experiences. Big Gigantic also strategically teams up with renowned electronic act The Funk Hunters on the groovy and super upbeat "Higher" and renowned experimental soul act Pell and acclaimed electronic music producer Louis Futon on "Baad." 

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As a group that has already worked with the likes of Waka Flocka Flame, Logic and Cherub, Big Gigantic takes it to the next level by showcasing their fantastic songwriting and live instrumentation skills on Free Your Mind. The album demonstrates Big Gigantic's keen ability to combine electronic music production and live instrumentation to produce a creative, cutting edge, and highly appealing modern sound. 

To support the release of Free Your Mind, Big Gigantic also released the music video for “Burning Love (feat. Kidepo).” Director Eliza Brownlie reinforces the song's theme by telling the story through the dreamy and atmospheric lens of three couples sharing their experiences from spontaneous dates while demonstrating the true definition of unwavering love.

Listen to Free Your Mind Below and get your copy here

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