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Album Review: Bleach Day - as if always

Hazy indie rock and pyschadelica from Bleach Day for a snowy Sunday.
Bleach Day

Bleach Day

Vermont band Bleach Day (two on production and then expands to five for shows) has released their new album as if always. The project is as sleepy and hazy as a cold, wintery Vermont day.

The record combines pop songwriting with indie rock and psychedelic influences.

as if always puts you immediately under its spell and doesn't let you wake up the entire way through. It toes the line between a little sleepy or hypnotic and generally comes out on the right side. You can get lost in it for the 30 minutes.

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The album feels most at home on foggy tracks like the aptly titled “the calm.” There are moments of instrumental beauty like the gentle piano on “talking in circles” or the LP finale “bbs in the grass” that combines their distant and hazy vocals with piano, guitar and low-lying drums.

A lot of artists manipulate the letters in their title either as all caps or all lower case and rarely does it make sense though. Travis Scott lives life in all-caps so that makes sense for his albums. Bleach Day have their songs in lower case as this album sounds like living a very mellow and calm existence.

This album is perfect for a rainy or snowy Sunday indoors with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book. It doesn’t overwhelm and can blend into the background without being boring.

Stream the project below.

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