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Album Review: Pantha Du Prince - Conference Of Trees

Pantha Du Prince explores the natural world around us with 'Conference Of Trees.'
Pantha Du Prince

German producer Pantha Du Prince has releasing his new album Conference Of Trees.

The album’s title refers to a question posed by Weber: "What does it sound like when trees communicate?" He set about trying to answer this question in both a modern and historical context. But instead of focusing on the leaves and branches, like most ecologically focused records, he went to the source – the roots and trunks.

“I wanted to become a tree myself and enable a group of musicians to become trees as well,” he explains in a press release. “This is an act of contemplation.”

The album opens with the meditative “Approach in a Breeze” that feels very much like an introduction to his slow-evolving album. “Transparent Tickle Shining Glace” shifts slightly with skittering and light percussion.

The album flows effortlessly from one track to the next. The warbling synths on “Holding the Oak” glide seamlessly to “When We Talk,” almost continuing the song, but then growing in sound with percussion and distorted vocals in the background.

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“The Crown Territory” is much more upbeat and would fit into an eclectic house set.

Wind chimes become a common sound on Conference Of Trees, like on “Roots Making Family” with ominous horns blaring in the background. They contrast in style to how they are used on “Supernova Space Time Drift.” The chimes and xylophone feel like we are soaring through the various water pathways from the tree roots to its trunk and then up above to its glittering leaves.

The glimmering and joyous “Silentium Larix” offers hope that the world around is can be saved and humans will stop destroying everything in nature.

Just like a seed sprouting roots deep into the ground, the album demands you immerse yourself in its playful drums, soft drums and melodies that transport you around the natural world.

If you need something to calm the nerves today, this is for you. Stream Conference Of Trees now below and get your copy here. You can also watch a video that goes behind the scenes into making the album.

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