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Album Review: TOKiMONSTA - Oasis Nocturno

TOKiMONSTA remains as vibrant as ever on her new album 'Oasis Nocturno.'


Grammy-nominated artist, producer and Young Art Records label head TOKiMONSTA is someone who has represented the genre-fluidity that took hold of dance music in the 2010s. She broke down the walls between niches within electronic music and pop, rock, rap or R&B. Her music has always found homes with various different pockets of music without overstaying her welcome. Her new album Oasis Nocturno keeps up that ethos, moving spritely between different styles without get lost or losing its focus.

It opens in familiar territory with the sort of playful electronic music we know from her with pitched vocals and cheery synths. From there, the featured artists help to dictate where the album will go at the direction and production by TOKiMONSTA. “Get Me Some” delivers some funk and fun on a smooth rap record and Bibi Bourelly and Jean Deaux lament their “jealous ass ex-boyfriend” on a jazzy and sleek R&B cut.

“Up and Out” brings us back to her instrumentals with mellow percussion and synths before the first single “Friend For The Night” with EarthGang. The quirky, bouncy rap record does have a hook similar to “Wild For The Night,” but a different sort of addictive and melodic quality to it. It feels like a night overloaded on various psychedelic substances with since the idea of the track came from the three artists experiencing a psychedelic trip at a house party in the hills of LA.

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The featured artists help bring out the various genres on this album, but it is all held together by the instrumentals. “To Be Remote” starts soft with fluttering piano before crunchy drums enter as the piano starts to soar above the composition. “House Of Dal” sounds like an adventure on a vast plain with shimmering guitar, easy percussion and distant voices echoing around you.

She gets to the last salvo of the album with the yearning and soulful “Higher Love” with vocals that match the dreamy instrumental. “For My Eternal Love Dream My Treasure” caps off Oasis Nocturno with a beautiful ambient production as bells echo and soft piano lead us along.

TOKiMONSTA has been quite busy over the past several years, with her 2017 LP Lune Rouge getting acclaim, but also releasing several long EPs in between. She continues to evolve and grow into better songs and productions with each passing album. It feels as vibrant as the dress on her cover art. Pick up your copy of the album wherever you do that stream it below.

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