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Ambient Music Listen: Juan Pablo de Lucca - Senja

Let this short ambient EP help calm your nerves.
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Juan Pablo de Lucca Senja

Things are pretty terrible right now and with live entertainment disappearing for the foreseeable future, we have to turn to music as a refuge. This means going back and listening to your favorites to feel a sense of comfort before a pandemic, but also a chance to listen to new music. If you are feeling stressed and anxious (I am with you), some calming ambient music can be just what you need to get through each day, one hour at a time.

Composer, producer, and pianist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but currently based in Berlin Juan Pablo de Lucca released a short and sweet ambient EP recently that should help this Monday. The EP titled, Senja, was composed during an artistic residency in the Arctic Circle and has that cold, polar feel to it.

Senja is an electronic ambient music EP composed during the winter months far north in the Arctic Circle,” explains Lucca. “From the airy and light introduction of ‘Senja 1’ to the beat-driven choral fantasy of ‘Senja 4,’ this music conjures the nostalgia of lost crafts and the serenity that comes when everything quiets down. The album was produced using field recordings, synthesizers and samples inspired by the story of Kråkeslottet, an old fishing plant transformed in a cultural hub in the island of Senja, Norway.”

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Listen to it below and get your copy on Bandcamp.

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