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Audiovisual Duo Release Haunting, Dark New Visual Album 'Black Sunday' drop a new dystopian and dark album 'Black Sunday.' black sunday cover

Kristina Karpysheva and Alexander Letsius, aka, are an audiovisual duo who make brooding and even dystopian projects that combine shadowy instruments with slow-morphing visuals. They have shown their projects in Times Square, at Bolshoi Theater, LACMA, performed at MUTEK (Mexico & Montreal), Japan Media Arts Festival and other festivals and venues.

They have released a new album Black Sunday that fits the name perfectly. It is dark, haunting and detailed with music that is gritty and ominous as slow-moving visuals grow and recede in the background. Watch the full thing below to get lost in this audiovisual treat for the next 13 minutes. It is also available on streaming services.

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