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Bandcamp Giving 100% Of Sale Revenue To Artists On Friday

This Friday, March 20, Bandcamp will waive their split of the revenue share to support artists fully.
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On Friday, March 20 Bandcamp will waive their typical fee when you purchase something through the platform.

“To raise even more awareness around the pandemic’s impact on musicians everywhere, we’re waiving our revenue share on sales this Friday, March 20 (from midnight to midnight Pacific Time), and rallying the Bandcamp community to put much needed money directly into artists’ pockets,” writes Bandcamp co-founder and CEO Ethan Diamond wrote in an announcement.

Accounts on Bandcamp are free, but normally it takes a 15% revenue share for digital sales and 10% for merch sales. Bandcamp says that money from the sale day will reach artists in 24-48 hours, which could be crucial for paying April rent or bills.

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According to Bandcamp's site, fans have already paid artists $9.4 million in the last 30 days and hopefully that rises in the coming weeks.

“The Covid-19 pandemic is in full force, and artists have been hit especially hard as tours and shows are being canceled for the foreseeable future. With such a major revenue stream drying up almost entirely, finding ways to continue supporting artists in the coming months is now an urgent priority for anyone who cares about music and the artists who create it,” says Diamond.

So save your money and buy projects on Bandcamp this Friday, March 20.

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