Behringer Takes Aim At Synth Snobs In Video With Anti-Semitic Tropes

The video from Behringer is filled with anti-Semitic tropes and seemingly goes after a music journalist at times critical of the company.
Behringer Video Kirn

Behringer has released a video seemingly taking aim at Peter Kirn, a producer, writer and editor for CDM, who has in the past been critical of the company’s inability to handle criticism. Uli Behringer, the founder, calls these people “haters.” They seemingly went after Kirn yesterday as well.

Music Tech reached out to Peter Kirn for his official statement on the apparent attack, but he declined to comment in the current circumstances.

The video attempts to troll him and synth snobs everywhere (a constant battle for Behringer), by saying that they are releasing the Corksniffer – a synth made of vintage wine cork that smells great. Synth purists like to speak about the history and even smell of the synths made by legacy companies.

However, as you can tell from the screenshot above, this is a troll that looks pretty terrible. Not-withstanding the poor taste and bad execution, this is filled with anti-Semitic tropes.

You can take a look for yourself, but this is a very bad look for everyone involved with Behringer. It makes them hard to defend, even as their products seemingly are getting better.

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The comments online have been rightfully against Behringer, but they are just calling this some "fun."

"Johan Lindfors somtimes life is about having a bit of fun and not taking things so serious, it's just a bit of post karnival pinnochio and wine fun," says the company on Facebook.

They claim that this is a picture of Pinnochio and nothing malicious. 

"Of course it was, because it's clearly a pinnochio drawing talking about wine tasting. Some people will concoct something out of nothing. We're just having a bit of post carnival fun."

One could imagine that they didn't mean it to be anti-semitic, but the imagery is there clear as day. The video has been taken down, but the image above is all you need to see.

UPDATE: The video is still circulating on Twitter.

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