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Behringer Apologizes For Ill-Conceived, Anti-Semitic Parody Video Attacking Journalist

Behringer has apologized for the video they uploaded yesterday attacking a journalist.
Behringer Video Kirn

Behringer has apologized for the ill-conceived parody video they put out yesterday attacking a journalist critical at times of the company’s practices, notably with Behringer’s attack on critics. In a rare move, the company has apologized for the video in a statement released late yesterday.

"What was meant as pure satire by our marketing department, has clearly offended some people and looking at the video, I could understand why,” said the company namesake Uli Behringer on Facebook (now deleted for some reason). “However, in no way did the team ever intend to make any connection to semitism [sic], as some people have alleged. We unreservedly apologize to Peter and anyone who felt offended."

The video was an attack on Peter Kirn, a music tech journalist, with a video where they unveiled a new product: the KIRN corksniffer. It is seemingly an attack on Kirn, who is portrayed with a long nose and a shady look on his face, and synth snobs who like everything in legacy synths from the feel to the smell.

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The video was criticized by us and many others for its anti-Semitic tropes. Behringer pulled the video shortly after publishing. However, they did manage to trademark Kirn’s name in the process to mess with his ability to put out products, something they say they rescinded. The damage has been done among those in the industry and producers, especially those who may have been on the fence about Behringer’s business practices. Maybe this will all blow over, but for the now the storm is circling Behringer.

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