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City Guide: Parallells - Amsterdam

Parallells take us around Amsterdam to show off the best the city has to offer.

Thomas and Julien de Bie aka Parallells are a duo of DJ/producers from South of France and based in The Netherlands. They combine their backgrounds in funk and jazz (they went to jazz conservatory) into funky, supremely danceable disco and house music. They were back home recently in Amsterdam and brought their photographer around the city to help with a City Guide. The pair head to their favorite places to eat, drink, dig for music and much more.

Parallells will perform at SXM Festival this month, which takes place March 11-15. Get tickets here.

Read on for our City Guide to Amsterdam with some beautiful photos that make the city shine even brighter than it already does.

We all like a good drink, so where are the top spots to head to before a night out?



We always go to Waterkant, literally the “waterside,” a super chill place made out of containers by the canal. “Mash” in the Pijp area is also our meet-up spot before a good night party, very humanly energetic square.

For all Mezcal lovers like us, Salmuera and Frida have some pretty good cocktails.

Where can you find the best clubs / late night venues in town?


We completely adore venues with stories, such as de Marktantine, a 1936 old canteen for Dutch market trader that has been restructured as a theatre and is now a big club in Amsterdam where we regularly perform. One of the coolest events there is “Wild As The Moon” party organized by the Gardens of Babylon. Another place full of history is the Veronicaschip, an old pirate boat radio station that was sailing international water in the 60s to broadcast bold alternative music. And of course de School (as its name indicates, an old technical school) and Shelter (which is underneath a bike lane) are not to be missed.

Brunches are a weekend staple, which spots stand out to you?



The choice is difficult; there are so many places you could go. A couple we could really advice are the following: The Hoxton, Pluk, Bakers & Roasters or Little Collins and don’t forget the sauce hollandaise ;)

Best dirty late-night street food option?

Ma Baker, Cannibal Royal is quality dirty food until 3am.

Late night street food are quite the Dutch gastronomy haha, the perfect example would be the Krokets, Bitterballen or Frikandellen you can pick up straight from the wall! Wait what? Yes this is called the FEBO walk-in automats. A bit choking at first but taste horribly delicious!

For more qualitative late night dinner, we recommend Cannibale Royale that offers really good meat and vegetarian options until 3am in the weekend.

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Where can we shop for records and music memorabilia in Amsterdam? 


Black Gold

There is of course the well-known Rush Hour, Mary Go Wild and Bordelo a Parigi, all in the same neighborhood. But we always go to our favorite one which is Black Gold. A crafted selection of the best Jazz, new jazz, urban and electronic music by one of the best music meloman: Siebrand. On top of this they serve the best coffee in town!

Your Sunday escape plan when you need to get away from it all? 



Our studio is our getaway, even though it is everyday. We just opened our label headquarter, “The House of Klassified” in Amsterdam West, with two music studios, art gallery and open space, where music mingles with several art discipline. Everyday is Sunday here!

Something everyone should do when visiting Amsterdam but probably hasn’t?


Van Stapele

This is a secret, but the best cookies in the world are made in Amsterdam. Van Stapele is undeniably the single best thing you could eat to reach orgasmic taste level.

Other secret is the Hem Museum, just 20 minutes outside Amsterdam that welcomes a new curator (from Nicolas Jaar to Patta designer) every 2 months!

What is a track that reminds you of the city?

Undeniably “Dans Le Port d’Amsterdam” by Jacques Brel. One of our grandma’s favorite songs!

What are other great exports that come from Amsterdam?

Let’s just say that the grass is greener in Amsterdam!

A gift you can’t leave Amsterdam without taking home for friends?

A "Tony Chocolonely” for sure!


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