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Dave Clarke Wants DJs To Give Back Fees For Canceled Gigs From Coronavirus Fears

This will help the venues long term and allow them to refund fans.
Dave Clarke

Live events could be in for a dark time if the hysteria over Coronavirus spreads all over the world. Ultra Music Festival has been reportedly postponed and Tomorrowland Winter, set to take place next weekend in France, has been canceled. Events in clubs and other concert venues have been canceled in South Korea, Italy, China and elsewhere as governments try to contain the spread of the virus. This leaves the live music business in trouble, not just for those touring and fans, but also promoters and venues. Dave Clarke has an idea to help keep the live music business as healthy as possible during this flu scare.

He is asking DJs to send their fees back to promoters who had to cancel gigs because of the coronavirus. As he says, “it enables them to refund the fans and helps everyone survive to get through this very long hardship.”

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Obviously this is easier for some DJs than others who can’t afford to send back their fee. But for those who can, it would be good for the long-term health of the live music ecosystem to keep promoters afloat and give back money to the fans. If the fans don’t get refunded, they may not go to that club anymore or blame the artist for being greedy, even if there is no legal obligation to give back the money.

Also he wants DJs to pay their taxes to help local health services.

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