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Event Review: An Enchanted, Immersive Art Experience With Desert Dwellers At Wisdome LA

The duo performed the soundtrack to a 360 fully immersive art experience inside a dome.
Desert Dwellers LA

Desert Dwellers 

After 20 years of producing, performing and touring together, Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe of Desert Dwellers know how to read the energy of their audience and create just the right vibe for the night. So much so that they can even synchronize their live sets with an interactive 360 projection show taking place on the screen behind, above and all around them while performing.

This mystical musical art experience may sound like a fantasy but it’s exactly what took place at Wisdome LA on none other than 2/29, leap day 2020. It is believed that on leap day, which occurs every four years, the veils between our physical world and the cosmos are thin, increasing our connection to the ethereal and heightening our senses to the human experience. I think Desert Dwellers were on to something when they chose leap day as the day for such an otherworldly experience.

Desert Dwellers

“Samskara” by Android Jones viewing

Wisdome LA stands as a fully immersive art experience with 5 domes featuring the mind-altering work of artist Android Jones, in the middle of Downtown LA nonetheless! It felt out of place but also quite perfect at the same time. What better place to bring a high vibe dose of creativity, consciousness, connection, art and magical music than to the heart of DTLA.

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As Desert Dwellers set the tone for the night with chill dub inspired tracks and favorites off their newest album Breath, every tune and melody synced with the 360 visual display of art in the dome. The crowd moved and swayed with every enchanting beat in an almost hypnotic like movement.

Desert Dwellers DJ Karsh Kale

Opening DJ Karsh Kale.

Wherever in the dome you laid your eyes to feast, there was an explosion of color and movement in every corner. I’ve been to my fair share of incredible electronic music festivals and events over the last decade plus, but have to say this was one of the most conceptualized music experiences I’ve had the pleasure of attending.

Find a hypnotic Desert Dwellers future tour date near you HERE.

Desert Dwellers

Desert Dwellers

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