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Review: DRAMA Delivers Mesmerizing Performance at The Echo

The duo showcases passion and hope on a rainy Sunday night in Los Angeles.
DRAMA Echo Los Angeles

Ushering in hope in a challenging time, DRAMA took the stage for their second sold out Los Angeles show in a row at The Echo on a rainy Sunday night, March 1st. The second Via Rosa and Na’el Shahed took the stage, the audience fell silent, entranced by her beautiful vocals and his mesmerizing beats.

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Following the release of their poignant and powerful recent full length album release Dance Without Me on Ghostly International this past Valentine’s Day, the duo has sold out multiple shows on this most recent headline US tour. DRAMA also recently toured with SG Lewis in 2019 where they had the chance to venues across the United States. The show was DRAMA’s second headline show at The Echo, the first of which was back during their headline tour back in February 2019.

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From the moment they opened with “Dead and Gone,” the crowd was lifted into a state of hypnotic reverie. Via Rosa’s soulful, ethereal, and smooth vocals were deeply touching, captivating, and alluring. The duo’s ninety-minute-high energy set encompassed newer material such as “Gimme Gimme," “Barely Friends” and the “Low Tide” off of their 2016 album release Gallows. It was quite the live experience as we seemed to dance and sing non-stop to their heartfelt lyrics and groovy beats. More than halfway through the set, Via Rosa walked away leaving Na’el on stage to DJ only to re-emerge a few moments in another outfit, a testament to her true diva nature.

One of my personal favorite moments was when Via Rosa asked us to help her sing the romantic track “Billy” off of Gallows because she had a hard time singing the track alone. There was definitely an atmosphere of romanticism and connection that seemed to unite the crowd as we made our way through singing the “moody” track. Throughout the show, Via Rosa also revealed some intimate details from her life by sharing personal stories.

With their DRAMA delivered a magnificent performance I truly feel blessed to have been a part of. Showcasing faith and love on a rainy Sunday night in Los Angeles, DRAMA truly proved that they are one of the greatest acts of recent times with a powerful and passionate message to share. 

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