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ford., Sonn & Hanz Met In Seattle To Create The Dreamy 'Good Company' EP

This collaborative EP from ford., Sonn & Hanz is out on Foreign Family.
ford. Sonn & Hanz

ford., Sonn and Hanz

Odesza's Foreign Family Collective has come in hot with another outstanding project. Putting out a rare six-track EP this week are ford., Sonn and Hanz - who came to Seattle from Oslo, Utah and London to create Good Company. 

It was certainly worth the journey. Blending together soul-drenched electronica vibes with lightly scattered percussion, each tune here stands alone as something special. "The Feeling" is perhaps our favorite, and it features the warm vocals of Ralph Castelli with a lot of emotional depth. 

As well as the EP being available to buy and stream, Foreign Family and Ian Kirby filmed a documentary about the making of the record - which you can view below. 

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