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From Comfort to Convenience, Here Are Nine Items That Will Make Life On The Road A Whole Lot Better

From proper hand crafted cocktail kits to high speed thumb drives, life on the road gets better with these.
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We might all be looking at staying put for the next couple of months due to the Corona Virus outbreak, but inevitably things will work there way back to normal. So when that day comes (sooner, hopefully rather than later), here are some exceptional items to make your journey more comfortable and efficient.

Dr. Segals Compression Socks - Can socks make a difference in travel? Well, these are not any ordinary socks; these are compression socks designed to reduce fatigue, increase circulation, and make hours on your ass a lot more manageable. We tested these on a five-hour flight to Miami and noticed a significant reduction in antsy leg syndrome and overall comfort. When worn with jeans, you can keep them camouflaged, even though they do offer some cool new patterns and colors, rocking these with shorts is a bit. MSRP $29.99 | More Here -

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SOL Republic Air+ - If you are looking for some true wireless earbuds that are good for taking calls, firing off inquiries to Siri, listening to music, and just quieting things down - the Air + will do the trick. SOL Republic comes correct with an IPX4 rating (sweat/rainproof), 8 hrs of listening time, 2x charge ups with the case, and noise-canceling functionality. These buds will go the distance, sound great, and make plane rides a LOT more bearable. MSRP $199 | More Here 

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Ekster Smart Wallet - Ok, this is a dream come true for all of you who have a "Costanza" Wallet and also tend to lose it. The brilliant designers at Ekster have designed a wallet that you can track with your phone if you lose it (via an add on tracking device) as well as helping you lean up. The wallet features a compartment that fits up to five cards and is accessed by pushing a lever to pop them out, along with a small internal card pocket and an elastic band you can fit in everything you need and lose the rest. A wallet that won't bloat is easy to find and looks stellar - let's call this a done deal.

MSRP $99.00 | More Here 

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OWC's Envoy Pro Mini Hard Drive and USB-C Travel Dock Adapter - If you are conjoined to your laptop like most road warriors, or anyone really, you know the limitations of your internal memory. OWC has done the remarkable and fit a full terabyte into a small thumb-sized drive, and it's not just small; it's incredibly fast at 450mb a second clock speed. The Envoy Mini is the perfect drive for DJs, videographers, photographers, and producers that need secure, fast drives that will take a beating. MSRP $219.00 | More Here

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Now, if you were one of those lucky devils to get a USB-C Macbook Pro, then you know the challenges there. This little dock will make your life a whole lot easier with five ports of connectivity: (2) USB-A 3.1 Gen 1, (1) HDMI, (1) SD card, (1) USB-C power pass-through. Another great feature is that the cable to connect it to the Mac is attached and coils up nice and neat into the unit. MSRP $54.99 | More Here

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Smart Wool Intraknit 200 Crew (Mens/Womens) - As the weather hovers between cold and semi-comfortable, it's nice to have a shirt like this in your travel arsenal. Pop this on under a hoodie or sweater, and you have the perfect layer for those colder Spring days. We all know airplanes can be either incredibly hot or uncomfortably cold, the Intraknit handles both like a champ and looks great on its own. So whether you are hiking, Spring skiing, or on a plain - this is the ideal companion. The fabric is lightweight, features gender-specific ventilation, and helps with moisture (aka sweat) reduction. MSRP $120 | More Here

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DYLN Water Bottle - This is not your average water bottle by any stretch, and if you are looking for alkaline water on the go, you are in luck. The Insulated DYLN Bottle is a 950mL double-walled vacuum insulated bottle that alkalizes your water within 15-20 minutes and keeps it cold for roughly a full day. If you are new to alkaline water, check this article out, and it will give you some useful facts.

So how is this better than ordinary water? The short answers: alkaline water can help charge up your immune system, hydrate you faster, and balance out your body. The DYLN allows you to do this all on the go, and if you suffer from heartburn, inflammation, etc. this bottle is your best friend. Try drinking alkaline water after a hard night out; you will most likely feel the difference.

Some other health benefits (via DYLN's website):

Absorbs more quickly into your cells and hydrates you faster than any other form of water.

Detoxifies the body to improve blood circulation and boost the immune system.

Helps to manage a healthy weight.

Combats conditions like acid reflux and high blood pressure when drinking enough.

MSRP $56.00 | More Info Here 


The Cocktail Box Co (Old Fashioned & Moscow Mule Kits) - So if you want to up your cocktail game on the road, there is no better solution than these little kits by The Cocktail Box Co. We got our hands on the Old Fashioned and Moscow Mule kits to take for a test drive.

The Old Fashioned is one of those simple yet complex cocktails that requires precision along with some solid Bourbon. We used a basic Buffalo Trace, which always does the trick for this classic. This kit is about the size of a wallet and will make six drinks in total, so perfect for camping, uping your minibar game, or even a tailgater if you want to be that guy/girl.

Kit includes high-quality organic ingredients: orange, grapefruit & aromatic bitters as well as six perfectly cubed pieces of raw cane sugar. The hardware consists of a bartender's spoon & muddler, three cocktail picks, and also a cocktail napkin for spillage. If you replenish your sugar cubes and you can make up to 25 cocktails, not bad.

MSRP $20.99 | More Here

The Moscow Mule kit is excellent for summer sessions and will make three cocktails, so this one is better for you and a date. Don't skimp on the vodka here - got premium skippy or don't go at all.

The kit includes high-quality organic ingredients: Grapefruit & Lemon Bitters as well as three packs of Ginger Syrup and Lime Juice.

Hardware includes a bartender's spoon & muddler, three cocktail picks, and also a hand-knit cocktail napkin for spillage. Refill packs are available to keep your kit equipped.

MSRP $20.99 | More Info Here

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