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Headphone Review: Soundcore Liberty 2 Air Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

See how the Soundcore Liberty 2 Air Bluetooth Wireless Earphones stack up.
Soundcore Liberty 2 Air Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

Last week, I brought you a review of the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro earphones and now look at its slightly cheaper cousin the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Wireless Bluetooth earphones. These are Bluetooth earphones that look to capture the mid to high range market.

What Are They:

These are Bluetooth earphones that want to bring you good sound. They have noise cancellation, can take calls and have some functionality to control music.

How Do They Look?

They look pretty good. For lack of a better comparison, they look like Airpods with a real earphone tip on the end. They are a little longer than Airpods, but otherwise looks good. They come in black and white.

Soundcore Liberty 2 Air Bluetooth Wireless Earphones


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These do sound pretty good. The Liberty 2 Pros are a little better, but they do handle the mids and highs along with kick drums. Heavy, underlying bass can be lost, notably in a loud environment, but getting deep and clear bass on earphones is impossible. The noise cancelling does work well.


They are pretty comfortable for a few hours, but your ears can get tired of them after prolonged use. They fit easily in your ear and one can adjust the tips for fit.

Ease Of Use:

They are generally pretty easy to use. They have connectivity issues that are worse than the Liberty Pros, but still connect generally well. The ability to control music requires you to tap the individual earphone depending on what you want to do. The tapping isn’t that sensitive, so you will have to hit your earphones pretty hard, which can be very loud and annoying. Otherwise, the earphones last 7 hours on a single charge, or increase to 28 with the charging case.


$100. Pick them up on the Soundcore website.

Overall Impression:

They are sleek and good-looking earphones that have pretty good sound. They can be hard to use, but are solid for the price. Otherwise I would recommend the Liberty 2 Pros for an upgrade in just about all respects, but that depends on your budget.

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