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Headphone Review: Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Earphones

See how Soundcore's Liberty 2 Pro earphones stack up.
Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Earphones

This month we will be bringing you a trio of wireless earphones because a bunch were sent to me at once and I have lived with each of them for a few weeks before writing something. In this review we will dive into the Soundcore Liberty 2 Bluetooth Earphones.

What Are They?

These are Bluetooth earphones that are designed for convenience on the go with good sound.

How Do They Look?

Rarely do earphones look stylish or good, but these looks pretty nice. They are small in your ear and look a little like a miniature Bluetooth headset. It comes in a small carrying charging case that is easy to use and looks good. It slides open and closed easily, which can be fun if you need something to do with your hands.

Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Earphones


The packaging very explicitly says that 10 Grammy winning producers approve of the earphones for an “in-ear studio performance.” The design integrates a dynamic Knowles balanced armature and a 11mm dynamic drive. 

You can take a test to "personalize" the sound to your ears. It makes a small difference, but seems to be mostly something for marketing. But, whatever makes the sound better, I am for. 

Cutting through the product sheet, the sound is quite good. It should always be noted that earphones won’t ever have the same deep sound as good speakers or headphones. However, these do sound quite good. The mids and highs are quite clear and it does well with bass. You will lose some of the very deep low end, but that is to be expected. However, for earphones, these sound quite good for the low end.

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These are probably the most comfortable earphones I have ever used. Most can cause fatigue or discomfort after an hour or two, but these I was fine using for close to four hours. They sit well in your ear with little need for adjusting. I didn’t run with them in because I have a messed up hamstring, but it felt like they would be good for running. Other activities like working out or walking was easy with these.

Easy Of Use:

This is where I have had some issues. Bluetooth devices will always have issues with connections, but that can often be fixed with a restart or just trying a few times to make it work. These minor issues can happen with the Liberty 2 Pro, but I also had some pretty major issues with connectivity. It just stopped connecting to my phone without much of an explanation and the written materials that come with the earphones do not help much at all. They have a short picture graph to explain how connect, but otherwise, one can feel pretty hopeless if they aren’t connecting right. Most minor connection issues solve themselves quickly, but sometimes it takes more then that.

Beyond the connectivity issues, which I had twice in a week, they work quite well. It connects to calls easily and skipping and pausing music is just a tap or two on the small buttons on each headphone. You don't have to tap anything and it is intuitive to use them without much explanation.


The company says the battery lasts up 8 hours of use at once and charges two hours every 10 minutes in the case. I never pushed it that far, but with the case, it lasted for a full week on two charges.


$150. Get them on the Soundcore website.

Overall Impression:

These are quality earphones. They sound good, feel good and work well. Beyond the connectivity issues, the headphones are easy to use and look good. The earphones fit easily into their case and last a long time. There can be some bass missing, but the mids and highs are great. If you were going to invest in earphones for life on the move, these would be a good pair.

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