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Spotlight: How Cannabis Can Help Self Care During Quarantine

Cannabis can be an important part of self-care.
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Whether the coronavirus pandemic has affected you personally or just indirectly, many people around the world are feeling bouts of crippling anxiety and helplessness because of the continually evolving health crisis. As we all do our part to assist in reducing the number of COVID-19 cases in our communities by staying at home in quarantine, it’s important to take a step back and observe how we’re feeling both physically and mentally. Social distancing can be extremely difficult and emotionally taxing for extroverts and people who love nature and the outdoors, but it is the only way to reduce the spread of the coronavirus and ultimately save lives. If you’re struggling with staying at home, check out this list of things cannabis smokers can do which includes ways to keep up with your social life while remaining in quarantine.

How to practice self care during coronavirus

You may have already heard about self care since it has been quite a trendy topic even before COVID-19. Self care is proactively taking steps to ensure your own health and happiness, particularly during stressful times. That means that now, more than ever is a great time to get into the practice and cannabis can help. Cannabis has long been praised for its wide array of potential health benefits, which include reducing symptoms in people struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, epilepsy, insomnia, low appetite, and chronic pain to name a few. Mindfully adding cannabis to your favorite self care activities can enhance the experience and improve your mental health and coping during coronavirus quarantine. Here are just a few ideas on how you can incorporate cannabis into your self care practice during coronavirus quarantine.

Self care and cannabis

Relax and stay fit at home with yoga

On its own, yoga has many benefits including improved flexibility and balance; an increase in serotonin levels (the chemical that contributes to feeling happiness); a boost in blood flow; improved focus and energy levels; and promoting relaxation, among other benefits. Whether you are a regular yoga practitioner or are just beginning to experiment with the popular activity, adding marijuana or CBD can take your practice to the next level. There are dozens of studios across the country that offer bud and bend yoga classes, but you can easily combine yoga and cannabis in the comfort of your home. Start by deciding which cannabis product you’d like to use. Cannabis strains have varying effects on the mind and body, so choose edibles, CBD, or simply smoke your favorite uplifting strain. All you have to do is find a YouTube video of your preferred yoga style or if you want to practice on your own, pick a yoga Spotify playlist or check out this instrumental chill-out playlist to set the mood.

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Experiment with CBD

Cannabidiol, commonly called CBD is a very common supplement found in everything from edibles and tinctures to coffee and vape pens. CBD is one of many cannabinoids (chemical compounds) found in the cannabis plant, however unlike THC, CBD does not produce any psychoactive effects making it a great option for therapeutic and medicinal purposes. CBD is commonly used for relaxation as well as treating stress, anxiety, seizures, acne, and pain. One of the preferred methods of consuming CBD is via tinctures and oils, which can be taken directly under the tongue or added to food or drinks. Those who prefer to smoke can find low THC, high CBD marijuana strains at most dispensaries. CBD can be a great stress reliever during your self care practice while in coronavirus quarantine. Simply use CBD products to foster relaxation before doing your normal self care activities such as applying essential oils, taking a bath, reading, creating artwork, speaking with a therapist (virtually of course), or writing in a journal.

Be more mindful through meditation

In today’s world, we have constant stimulation and background noise, which has resulted in most of us feeling uncomfortable when doing nothing or experiencing full silence. We hardly ever give our minds a chance to completely be still or wander where it may without any outside intervention. Meditation is not easy and most people struggle with completely turning off their mind and doing nothing, though this self care practice is great for banishing negative thoughts, managing stress and anxiety, becoming more self-aware, and ultimately living a happier, more fulfilling life. 

While you’re busy helping others through self-isolation, you can also help yourself by focusing on your mental and emotional wellbeing through meditation. Find a comfortable spot to sit or lie and start a timer for three minutes to start off with (you can add time as you get more comfortable). Close your eyes, focus on your breath and whenever you find your mind wandering, bring it back to your breathing. This may sound simple, but for most people, it’s quite difficult at first. Don’t give up! If you’re having trouble, try a meditation app like Headspace; Smiling Mind; Stop, Breathe & Think; or UCLA Mindful, all of which can make getting into the habit easier. After you’re comfortable with meditating, try introducing cannabis products into your practice for a totally new experience.

Cook or bake to decompress

Taking the time to create a delicious meal will mean a lot to those you are spending quarantine with, but can also be a therapeutic experience for the chef. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time at home, why not cook some edibles so you can use later with your other self care practices like the ones we’ve already mentioned. If you’ve never cooked with cannabis before, don’t worry. There are many great cannabis cookbooks that will guide you through the basics step by step. After whipping up a batch of cannabutter or cannaoil, you’ll be able to create any dish or dessert you can imagine. From simply drizzling cannabutter on your popcorn to baking a decadent dark chocolate cake with hazelnut frosting, the options are endless.

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