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How It Was Made: Jacaszek - Music For Film

Polish composer Michal Jacaszek gives us a humorous visual representation how he made his new album 'Music For Film.'


Polish composer Michal Jacaszek has released a new album Music For Film via Ghostly International. The album compiles various songs he wrote for films into one cohesive piece of music. Jacaszek bridges ambient and classical compositions using field recordings, acoustic samples, poetry and baroque instrumentation for his projects. The album Music For Film fits a need today, with soft compositions that swing between melancholic and hopeful. We asked Jacaszek to show us how the project was made and he did something a bit different with this one. He made it all visual for those who don’t want to read that much. Click through the gallery to see how the project was made, the gear used and his thoughts on putting this together.

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“Technically, Music For Film was made in the same way that most of my regular solo albums were,” explains Jacaszek. “The difference is the compromises I always have to take when collaborating with movie directors. However, in the case of "November" (which is the movie that is the most represented on the album), those compromises were easy. I had the same FUN as always while working in the studio.” 

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