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How It Was Made: Yuksek - NOSSO RITMO

French producer Yuksek explains how he made his new album.


French disco and house producer Yuksek recently releases his new album NOSSO RITMO that brings together soulful, nu-disco tracks with up-tempo French house, disco and more into one album. It is collaboration heavy and feels both modern and nostalgic to when disco reigned supreme. With the album still sounding fresh and very danceable (at home), we asked Yuksek to take us into his studio and explain how the project was made.

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Listen to the album now and get your copy here.

The Studio:

It’s a bit difficult to define and remember exactly what instrument I used for each track of the album cause every in the studio is always powered and open on the desk, so I use everything at the same time. My studio is like a giant instrument by itself. It’s located in a beautiful theater in my hometown, Reims, and was built in the 70’s, like most of the instruments I use.

Yuksek Studio

The studio

ARP 2600:

The synth I use nearly everyday is the ARP 2600. I do most of my synth basses and many crazy sounds. The bass from “Cadenza,” “Burning” and “GFY,” the intro and sweep on “This Feeling,” all the sounds from “Bateau” and many other tracks were made from this. It’s one of the most complete toolbox monophonic semi-modular synths. All you need is in front of you, most patch combinations are allowed and the sound is warm and powerful. The envelope is super fast and the reverb is magical. That’s definitely the last synth I will keep if I have to let the others go.

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Yuksek Arp 2600

Roland System 100:

I actually have a big crush for the System 100, which is in my house at the moment with his little brother the Roland SH5. I used the System 100 on “Corcovado” and on “J’aime les synthes” for many sounds. I used it on a lot of tracks of the album for fake hi-hats or little tricky Fx. Roland synths from that era had a very special signature, very different from Moog, Arp and the others. The sound is colder and tighter, and that’s what I like. It’s very accurate, very precise in the mix and the high frequencies of the filter are magic in my ears.

Yuksek System 100

Roland System 100

Trident Trimix & Roland RE-201

I love my mixer, the Trident Trimix. It’s a sidecar desk, I mix my tracks in Logic pro and I use the desk as a multiple pre-amp. Every synth and drum machine is patched to it, and most of the time I double the recording trough the Roland RE-201 to give a bit of crunch, and delay/reverb.

Yuksek Trident Trimix Roland RE-201

Trident Trimix & Roland RE-201

Wurlitzer 106 Orange:

This little orange Wurlitzer is a very rare nice, beautiful toy that I use a lot. There is nothing crazy about the sound, just a Wurlitzer with a very warm sound and soft touch. I used it on “the Only Reason,” “Do Beijo,” “Hashram Temple” and “Into the light.”

Yuksek Wurlitzer 106 Orange

Wurlitzer 106 Orange

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