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Interview: Maribou State On fabric Mix, First Clubbing Memories

Maribou State take us back to their early raving days.
Maribou State

Maribou State

English duo Maribou State are just like the rest of us – stuck indoors and for good reason -- stop gathering in groups outside you knobs. However that has not stopped them from traveling down memory lane on a new fabric presents mix. The new mix seeks to create a night out with its song selection, starting with songs good for the start of the night at a pre-game, then the peak time moments at a club and finally the blissful period after it is all done during the comedown.

We now go back in time with Maribou State to get their first raving memories, which feels even more poignant now that nightlife has shuttered around the world. 

fabric presents Maribou State is out now.

1. What is your first memory of going to a rave / electronic music show?

It’s hard to pinpoint the first time exactly as my memory is a touch hazy when it comes to building a timeline, but I remember two different occasions that were likely to be some of the first moments spent in a club. Both of these times Chris and I were together, in some respect, so it seems fitting also. The first was for Chris’ 18th Birthday and we’d headed up to fabric for a Tru Playaz night. We ended up getting separated as half of us, including myself, didn’t get into fabric so I ventured off with some friends to find something else to do that night.

We stumbled across a bar around the corner called Fluid (now closed) and spent all night dancing in the basement club to a DJ we’d never heard of before, Colin Dale, who completely captivated us with the music he was playing. It was a pretty pivotal moment for me as it redirected my taste in electronic music to house and electro, which from then on played a huge part in my musical growth and still has an impact on me today. The other time I can remember was at Canvas club in Kings Cross for a Bugged Out New Year’s Eve party. We saw Boys Noize and JoJo De Freq and I remember dancing all night long and again being blown away by the music, plus we both got in that time!

2. Are there any sights or smells you remember from your first show?

Considering how long ago those times were the visual side of my memories are all still very vivid. A mixture of a healthier and better intact memory and I guess the overall importance of those nights. I remember Fluid serving these nicotine-infused cocktails and seeing them sat on the shelf of the bar as we walked in, peculiar colored liquids with cigars soaking in them. I can still picture the club in the basement, the place where we danced all night, it’s all still very clear.

3. When did it click that this was the path you needed to go down in life?

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There wasn’t any particular moment that clicked. Music was always our main focus and passion during our teens. It just progressed further and further at a very gradual pace. From playing in bands at school, to discovering electronic music, building our first studio, releasing our first and then second albums, it’s all flowed very steadily and organically for us. That being said, it doesn’t go without a huge dose of gratitude upon reflection of how far we’ve come since those first high school bands.

4. Who were some of your favorite DJs when you first started going out?

It was around the time that all of the electro and French Touch stuff started to really infiltrate into the UK, or at least in our view. DJs like Justice, Breakbot, Boys Noize, Simian Mobile Disco and Digitalism were all pretty important to me personally, and I think for Chris to some extent too. A-Trak was another I’d seen a few times. Slightly just before that it was the DnB phase that had my attention, with people like Zinc, Hype, Twisted Individual and Andy C being at the forefront of the scene and the nights out that we had.

5. What is a song or two that evokes the strongest memories from your first time going out?

There was a particular moment when I was at Fluid bar and the DJ dropped a tune that completely blew my mind, and that moment of energy and excitement has always stuck with me. It was a track by Coburn called “We Interrupt This Programme.” At that time we working on music in a different style and under a different alias and this track became big inspiration for us for a while.

6. What is something you wish you could bring back from your early days raving?

The clubs themselves. We got into electronic music and rave culture just as most of the big renowned clubs started to close. We lost Turnmills, Canvas, The Cross and The End all pretty soon after we began venturing out into this new world. It even impacted the clubs we were yet to check out, for example having never had been to Plastic People.

7. What is something you look back on going to events and are happy it doesn't happen anymore?

That’s a tricky question to answer as I only have fond memories of those nights. That could just be down to the power of nostalgia and looking back on those times through rose tinted glasses, but I can’t really think of anything in hindsight that feels unsettling. I guess the smoking ban is something that has vastly improved the clubbing environment. At the time it was something you just accepted but thinking about it now, it would be pretty disgusting to walk into a club full of smoke and leave stinking of it too.

8. Why is nostalgia such a powerful force in electronic music?

Music in general, not bound to a particular genre, neurologically has been proven to stimulate the brain in a way that enhances the feeling of nostalgia, allowing us to forge better lasting memories of particularly memorable events, especially around the time of our more formative years. It’s something I did some reading on last year and basically listening to music is known to really engage the brains visual cortex making it’s easier to obtain images in your mind of places, people etc., from the time you heard that particular song. I listened back to that Coburn track that I mentioned earlier when writing the answer to your previous question and it brought back a lot of vivid memories from that time in my life.

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