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Mac Miller's Family Releasing 'Circles' Deluxe Album With Two New Songs

Mac Miller's 'Circles' deluxe will arrive in digital, CD or vinyl formats.
Mac Miller

Mac Miller

We thought that Mac Miller’s posthumous album Circles was going to be the last we would hear from him, but his family has announced a new deluxe version that will include two new songs “Right” and “Floating.”

Circles was released on January 17, 2020 and held extra meaning after Mac Miller’s tragic death in 2018. The Circles deluxe album will be released available on CD March 6th, digitally March 20th and on vinyl April 17.

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Mac Miller - Circles (Deluxe) [Tracklist]

1. Circles
2. Complicated
3. Blue World
4. Good News
5. I Can See
6. Everybody
7. Woods
8. Hand Me Downs
9. That's on Me
10. Hands
11. Surf
12. Once a Day
13. Right
14. Floating

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