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Magnetic Mix 084: Trashlagoon & Parra for Cuva

Trashlagoon and Parra for Cuva team up on a Magnetic Mix perfect for listening at home.

Over the next few weeks, we will be bringing double or even triple the amount of Magnetic Mixes to you guys. We were planning on putting out mixes each day this week for Miami Music Week, but now these mixes take on new meaning to keep the party going indoors and away from crowds. Berlin-based artists Trashlagoon and Parra for Cuva teamed up on a new project Planet Ujou, which has been teased out over the past two months and will be released in full Thursday, March 19.

With their new EP on its way, we had them make us a Magnetic Mix that is perfect for in-home listening. They made this over a month ago, but it fits perfectly with what we are dealing with now.

The set is a collection of songs we choose together. Listening to new music was always one of our biggest passions, which also defined our relationship as friends,” explain Trashlagoon and Parra for Cuva. “We used to learn how to DJ some years ago. We meet every evening, drink some beers together and play for at least 5 hours. So our musically projected actually started by playing songs together rather than producing them."

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