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Musicians, Labels Made $4.3 Million From Bandcamp's Sale On Friday

Nearly 800,000 items were sold over the course of the day on Bandcamp.
Vinyl Records

Bandcamp has announced the results of their sales on Friday, March 20. The service waived their typical fee on music and merch sales for the day. Though the site had some issues staying live and processing all of the orders coming in, nearly $4.3 million dollars was sent to artists and labels. This came from nearly 800,000 items that were sold on Friday.

According to Bandcamp, a normal Friday people only buy about 47,000 items. This past Friday the number of sakes rose to nearly 800,000 items; a 15-fold increase. At its peak, users were buying 11 items per second. Many labels waived their typical cut as well, which yielded even more money for artists.

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