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My Toolbox: Fabio Florido

Words and photos by Fabio Florido
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Over the past six years, Fabio Florido has become a leading name in techno, thanks in part to his relationship with Richie Hawtin and his PLAYdifferently tech brand as an ambassador for the MODEL 1 mixer. While being associated with such brands definitely helped his profile, his skills as a producer and DJ are what got him in the door, and these days, he's still smashing it out all across the world, and recently launched his own imprint RUNA. In fact, he just released his new EP 'The True Story' featuring his techno alias Selcouth, which you can grab here. Below, he showcases the essential tools used in both this new release and all his others.

Words and photos by Fabio Florido

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Dave Smith - Prophet Sequential

This piece of hardware is present in each of my releases, sometimes hidden, others predominantly, but always there. It’s classic, vintage and modern at the same time. I mainly use it for pads in both techno or more ambient stuff. I mean, how could you possibly aim for a sound warmer than this? I have it for quite a few years now but it never stops to amaze me, with its polyphonic step-sequencer it’s an important source to get inspired when I’m low with ideas.


Elektron - Analog Rytm

Another must in my productions and yet another powerful machine in terms of warmth and depth. It took me some time to understand her, we’ve had a strange relationship the first months as it’s the opposite of “intuition” but once I did understand, it was like a new world unfolding in front of my eyes! It can become something much wider than a simple drum machine when you start uploading your own samples to it. I use it for sound design mainly, it’s a master in sculpting and transforming any sound into anything I want or I could’ve ever imagined.

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Play Differently - MODEL1 mixer

The mothership. This mixer is my life and my life is this mixer! Fully analog, no effects and no jokes. Input pre-amplifier drive control, hybrid filter/swept bell EQ, dual cue system, Mixer and Cue linking system…fully-balanced mix buss. It brings any sound to the next level. Of course, that’s mainly my DJ mixer but don’t underestimate the utility of using it as a compressor, amplifier, warm and colour machine to anything you run through it. I do it all the time to give that extra touch to my drums and synths. Amazing, amazing machine!


Roland - TR-8S

We more or less all know this machine. Well, I would like to underline the obvious step Roland did to my eyes with this “new” version. It’s literally made for live performances which means that in the studio I can have full control of my drums of all kinds, allowing me to play/record live as I could never do so well with older versions. I can upload my own samples and choose the step length of each channel and that’s already a win-win scenario. I use it always, always! I’m officially addicted to it.


Spectrasonics - Omnisphere 2

Last but not least, my weapon synth/madness sounds and backgrounds plug-in. Sometimes I think that I could sell all my hardware and just keep this one plug-in ahaha. But seriously, it is so good that I dream of going to Spectrasonics headquarters and give a half-hour hug to each person I find there. For me is like when I watch a movie that is so brilliant that I get a sort of crash with the brain who invented it. I have it for at least five years and believe me or not, I still have to listen to all its sounds. I’m not exaggerating if I tell you that without this plug-in I would pack in my career and start a new job.


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