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Photay Releases Vibrant, Ambient Album 'On Hold' To Benefit Food Bank For New York City

The type of music and the communal spirit we need in times like these.
Photay On Hold

New York producer Photay, real name Evan Shornstein, has released a new album on Bandcamp titled On Hold. 100% proceeds from this record will go to Food Bank for New York City.

It is just the right type of an album to deal with at-home listening. It is a smooth and subtle blend of ambient music, electronica and some beatless melodies that all sound vibrant and very alive. Just because you are locked away at home, doesn’t mean your mind should feel quarantined.

The title On Hold stems from Shornstein’s original plan to create call waiting music, but so much better.

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On Hold is a series of pieces completely derived from recordings of “on hold” or ‘call waiting” music. The original audio has been greatly manipulated to achieve a wider enveloping soundscape to ease, inspire and loosen our grip,” explains Shornstein in a statement. “Being placed on hold is so often anxiety inducing. A moment when we loose our sense of power and control. We’re forced to wait. To stand still. To stay idle, until a voice finally returns on the other end of a seemingly infinite... more.”

Listen to the album on Bandcamp.

01. Prelude In MHz
02. Peace In The Era Of Telecommunication
03. Please Hold
04. Traversing Frequency Bands
05. Holding Pattern
06. The Strength Of Our Signals
07. Roaming
08. How May I Help You?
09. Peak Bandwidth
10. Hold On
11. March 10th, 1876
12. Peace In Perpetuity

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