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Playlist: Ann Clue's Current Top 10 Techno Tracks

Need new music? Ann Clue's got you covered.
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While the world may be under quarantine, that hasn't stopped anyone from dancing, despite all festivals and clubs being shut down. Artists across the globe have been doing live streams and all sorts of other things to help pass the time and keep spirits high. Prior, to the shutdown, we asked rising star Ann Clue for a pre-Time Warp playlist to get you ready to rave. Seeing as that's no longer happening, we figured now is a better time than ever to share music to lift you up.

Ann Clue

1. Boris Brejcha - Fuck Off

Fckng masterpiece of my friend Boris Brejcha. Super old, but I still play it as it has this unique and incredible bassline that stands out like nothing else. Just wow - can't get enough of it. If you don't know it - go check it out or come to one of my shows - you will then probably know what I mean.

2. ANNA & Kittin - Forever Ravers

This has been THE song 2019 - it just killed everything. I love ANNA - she is such an amazing producer and I know her a little - I think she is also an amazing human being who makes the world a bit better. Forever Ravers could be heard at nearly every party last year and I hope it will be forever like that. Unique, special, on point. Super cool!

3. Klanglos - Hard Times

Somehow unusual and probably not the best production, but somehow this track makes me feel so good and I just want to dance when I listen to it. It fulfills the criteria to enjoy it at a festival with a huge or a small crowd. You will have amazing moments with it.

4. Modular Expansion - Cubes

Wow so old but still gold. God this house track is one of the coolest things I've heard ever. So simple yet so effective. Weird as it's so old but you have a blast when you play it during daytime. It's the perfect peak time track before you end a set.

5. Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase 

This guy is a legend and his music is now more present than ever. "Acid Phase" fits in perfectly to nowadays approach to techno and it's just a banger. I'm not digging techno so much but I love the old school stuff a lot. So this is one of them.

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6. New Order - Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction Mix)

I never played it at a festival or somewhere else, but I can imagine, that this year it would be the first time I will probably try. It's not my typical sound at all - but it's so energetic and I think the reaction would be amazing from those who are of my age and still know the movie Blade and the opening scene. Just legendary! Brings back so many good memories and that's what good parties are all about. Remember and make new ones.

7. MOGUAI vs. Kai Tracid – DT64 

Actually I don't really want to ride the acid wave like everyone else, but this one is just too good to let it be unmentioned. I admit I love it, I just do. Kai and Moguai - you are both legends to me and you made it again.

8. Eeemus - Canary In The Coal Mine

Back to my usual sound :)

I wish I had produced this myself. Eeemus is one of those who match my taste of music with this one - he couldn't have come closer. It's literally one of the coolest tracks to play. I played it last year in nearly every set, cause its so much fun and the reaction of the crowd is just mind-blowing.

9. Kas:st - Astral Talk

"Astral Talk" is special as it stands out from the “usual” techno approach and goes straight into DnB, which I love a lot. It's something that makes you want to dance and have your best friends around you. Preferably a cold beer in your hand, the sun is shining and you are by the beach -- just so much love for this song.

10. Boris Brejcha & Ann Clue - Roadtrip

Last but not least - "Roadtrip" is one of my most favorite tracks ever. It's so emotional and driving, it's just divine. It's the perfect track to finish a set. Not that I want to cherish myself or Boris too much, but we were so lucky that we could bring all our feeling into this track and you can definitely hear that. After 3 years I'm still in love with this piece and I think I will always be.

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