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Premiere: Hidden Spheres - "My Names" (Scissor & Thread)

Hidden Spheres' new track is out this Friday, March 27th on Scissor & Thread!
Hidden Spheres

Hidden Spheres

With club-ready music about to go on the the decline, it's time we start delving into the deeper, balearic genres which might just be a little more appropriate for your home soundtrack. First up in that category for me to showcase this year is a premiere taken from Hidden Sphere's 1985 EP due out on Scissor & Thread this coming Friday. The track is titled, "My Names" and it's a delightfully, delectable piece of music driven by a whimsical, whistling melody over the backbone of a broken beat rhythm. Quite honestly, some of the best future jazz I've heard in a very long time.

Without further ado, we present you with the premiere of Hidden Sphere's "My Names."

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