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Skream Releases Album Of Early Dubstep Tracks 'Unreleased Classics Vol​.​1 2002 - 2003'

Early dubstep belters from Skream.
Skream 2006

Skream 2006 (Look at the camcorder)

In today’s Bandcamp sale, there have been artists putting out their music on the platform, often some old rare goodies, to help capitalize on the platform not taking a service fee. Skream has done that with a new release of old, unreleased dubstep tracks. The new eight-track album titled Unreleased Classics Vol​.​1 2002 - 2003 comes with an intriguing story.

Plastician apparently found a vault of unreleased Skream songs made between 2002 and 2010 and now Skream is putting them out to the world.

According to Skream, these are from when he was getting started. It used samples and the TS404 plug-in only. He didn’t have the original files so it was all on Plastician to find them and give them to Skream.

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If you aren’t familiar with Skream’s early work as a dubstep pioneer, this will get you right into it. The title and dates from Unreleased Classics Vol​.​1 2002 - 2003 would suggest there is a lot more music that could be released. Unreleased Classics Vol​.​1 2002 - 2003 is available on Bandcamp and buy it today since 100% of the proceeds will go to the artist or label. 

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