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Strictly 140 Guest Mix 047: Tubz

These short, brief articles will showcase a little bit about the artist featured on the various Strictly 140 Guest Mixes, this one includes Scouse legend Tubz.

Tubz is a close friend of mine and has been for a few years now, he's Scouse lad through and through, currently living in Liverpool. He's a very technical DJ and produces a very rare, signature grime sound. Cold, minimal, industrial grime, perfect for in the dance and for emcees to spit over.

Sativa & Tubz at Strictly Presents 001 

Sativa & Tubz at Strictly Presents 001 

He co-runs the label M62 records which is a Liverpudlian record label & showcases all types underground music. They also hold music events around the country (mainly in Liverpool) so keep an eye out for their next event this year. 

The guest mix my g Tubz has put together is quite special. It's a 100% Tubz production mix with all kinds of vocals and collaborations included. It gives you a real feel of the type of style Tubz is trying to produce and create. Big up to Tubz every single time. You can have a listen to the mix below and follow along with the tracklist.

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1. Tubz - 28 [Dub]
2. Tubz - Fool [Dub]
3. Mojoe X Tubz - Balti Beat [Dub]
4. Tubz - Based[Dub]
5. Jakebob -L Ballad (Prod. By Jakebob & Tubz) [Forthcoming]
6. Tubz - Broke [Self Release - Free Download]
7. Tubz - Aug 09 [Dub]
8. Tubz - Q [Dub]
9. Jakebob - Swordfish (Tubz Refix) [Dub]
10. Tubz - Fl Slew [Dub]
11. Dubsaeh X Tubz - Dreamer [Dub]
12. Tubz - Escobar [Dub]
13. Mystry - Pirates(Tubz Remix) [Dub]
14. Tubz- Barry Hopper (John Holt - Police In Helicopter Remix) [Dub]
15. Popzzy English - Like Glue (Prod. By Tubz) [Forthcoming]
16. Tubz - Ct Pick Up [Dub]
17. Tubz - 15
18. W - I Beats-Don't Mind (Prod. By Tubz) [Released]
19. Tubz - Aggy [Self Release-Backlog 001]
20. Tubz - Dinky [Forthcoming]
21. Tubz - 21st Century (Multi-Refix) [Dub]
22. Tubz - Dry [Dub]
23. Tubz - Another Number [Dub]
24. Tubz - Feb Dub [Dub]
25. Tubz - Back [Dub]
26. Tubz - Grafting [Dub]
27. Popzzy English - Original (Prod. By Tubz) [Dub]

Look out for the next guest mix from Canadian Don Tripta.

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