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The KRK brand has long been the go-to for bedroom DJs and producers building out their first home studios. The iconic black and yellow speakers have been faves for both their punchy bass and very reasonable price point. The KRK Classic 5 continues to build on this DNA for a new generation of selectors and studio geeks. We got a pair to test drive, and here is what we thought.

KRK Classic 5's Design and Size

These monitors still feel very KRK in every respect, with the signature colorway and classic design elements of past speakers. The Classic 5 features a 5-inch woofer, which brings some good bass response and ok mids. The soft dome tweeter delivers crisp enough highs and is excellent for DJs that are mixing house, and hip hop, that pop of the snare and ssst of the high hat are crystal clear.

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The Classics come with high and low-frequency controls on the back that allow you to tweak the sound to fit your studio or bedroom or whatever. So if you need to punch up the highs or lower them, you can, and the bass can also be punched up by +2dB.

The speakers are designed with hi-density foam pads to isolate them from the surface. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also add another setup isolators, especially if you are on a hard surface and not proper stands. The monitors are also bi-amp with an automatic limiter to help prevent blowouts. They feature a low resonance enclosure, so you get a cleaner sound.

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The inputs are great for DJs and producers alike and allow you to run quarter inc, XLR, and even RCA connections. So this will work with your entry-level audio interface, controller, or mixer. Just plug them in, power them up and hook them in and you are good to go.

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How Do The KRK Classic 5s Sound?

The Classics are using previous Rokit design elements to deliver the best possible speaker you can get for the price point. If you are in a small space like a bedroom and don't have a lot of room to crank up the volume, these are absolutely perfect for you as long as you have a good pair of headphones for reference as well.

If you can crank up the volume a bit, they are great for monitoring your DJ sessions, and the bass and highs are perfect. The mids on these are going to fall a little behind, which won't matter much unless you are missing very complex rhythms and busy tracks. A way around this is also to use your headphones to mix those types of tracks, as you'll be able to hear the little details that are crucial in the mix.

Are The KRK Classic 5's Right For Me?

In a nutshell, these are a massive bargain for the price and perfect for entry-level producers and DJs working in small spaces on a budget.

 There is a reason KRKs are so popular, it's a real bang for the buck.

MSRP $179 Each - KRK Classic 5 - more info at

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