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The Orb Release New Album 'Abolition of the Royal Familia' With Full Dub Mixes

Alex Paterson of The Orb will also stream a 24 hour set over the weekend.

The Orb is going big with the release of their new album Abolition of the Royal Familia. In addition to the album, they have released dub versions of the entire album in a deluxe version.

Abolition of the Royal Familia is pulsating, eccentric and true to their roots as 90’s rave titans without feeling outdated. It switches around between chillout tunes like “Afros, Afghans and Angels,” reggae on "Say Cheese" or smooth jazzy numbers and some classic, dub electronica.

For those confused by the sports commentator during Ital Orb, it is the call during the 2018 World Cup Semifinal where England lost to Croatia. It is the below goal where Kieran Trippier scored this beauty of a free kick. 

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The album comes loaded with features, including some good boys and girls like Youth, Roger Eno, Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy (from Gong and System 7), On U-Sound’s David Harrow, Alex’s dog Ruby, 17 year old trumpeter Oli Cripps (who was working a Saturday job in Alex’s local record shop when the pair met), his cousin Leyton on whistle, strings courtesy of Violetta and more.

The Orb's Abolition of the Royal Familia out now on vinyl, CD, download & stream via Cooking Vinyl.

Their album release party was obviously canceled so instead Alex Paterson is looking to keep the rave alive with a 24-hour set over the weekend. The set will begin at 11am GMT (7am EST) tomorrow, March 28 and go to 11am GMT on Sunday March 29. It will be broadcast live on WNBC London.

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