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UMFANG Launches New Label Thanks For Enlightening Me With Album 'Riven'

The Discowoman member has a new label and album.

Producer, DJ, label owner and activist UMFANG has released her new album Riven. The album is first release on her new label Thanks For Enlightening Me. The album covers a lot of ground between atmospheric techno, ambient and playful house music.

It opens with a soft intro that blends into the fluttering and playful “Glass Escalator.” “2 Body Beat” is gentle with the exception of a kick that feels like your heart thumping in your chest.

This then switches somewhat abruptly to the title track “Riven” – a delightful slice of atmospheric techno. The album continues down this same sonic pathway with the hypnotizing “Rubber,” through to the end of the record.

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The album can be streamed below from the Discwoman member or picked up on Bandcamp. This is UMFANG’s fourth album and first since 2017’s Symbolic Use Of Light.

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