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Video Premiere: Axel Thesleff - Find My Way

Dancing in the cold on ice? This video has you covered.
Axel Thesleff

Axel Thesleff, an electronic musician and producer based in Helsinki, Finland, has released the video to his new single “Find My Way.”

The video puts him on an ice skating rink on a very dark night. He is there all alone (to start) with a drum pad, cymbal and synth to gibe the song more of a live feel. Then as the song continues to build with a feverish frenzy, a crew of ice skaters joins him on the ice and circles him in coordinated dancing to the track. The heavy drums and shimmering synths help set the scene sonically. It looks cold as hell out there, so I commend them for sticking this one out in minimal clothing on a dark night.

“For me, ‘Find My Way’ is a song about feeling hope amidst being lost. I feel like there are many people feeling directionless and hopeless in their lives nowadays,” explains Thesleff. “With this song, I tried to create a powerful and vast soundscape that fills the listener with a feeling of being capable of overcoming any challenges that stand in his/her way.”

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See the "Find My Way" music video below.

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